Know What a Jackfruit Is?

There’s something unusual going through Organics Unlimited’s warehouses these days. There as a stopping off place between Mexico and the end consumers in the US, they will also be ripened as they pass through. What are they? They’re jackfruit, a little known commodity in the US, but much more well known in tropical climates, jackfruit comes from a tree that can measure up to 60 feet, and the fruit itself, at it’s largest, can weight close to 80 pounds.

Jackfruit is eaten for its flesh and seeds. In India, it is eaten raw or used in curries, soups, and stews. It also flavors various desserts and is a common ingredient in fruit salads. The jackfruit’s popularity varies in different countries, but in most countries, the fruit is either cooked with rice or eaten raw. Many cultures do not wait for the jackfruit to ripen but prepare it when it is still relatively small, unripe and crunchy.
Jackfruit is part of the “In and Out” service offered by Organics Unlimited. While the fruit itself is not marketed by Organics Unlimied, importers of unusual fruits like this will often find the organic facilities in close proximity to the US/Mexican border an ideal, and necessary, stop. For more information on “In and Out” service, visit the website at

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