Kids Boost Produce Sales

Retailers are always looking for new and exciting ways to promote organic bananas. While some trends are tried and true, such as cross-merchandising, there are always innovative ideas on the horizon. One such idea that has rapidly been gaining traction is the concept of marketing to kids.

In the article “Invest in Kids with Produce”, The Packer gives several clever ideas on catering to the under-12 crowd. The simple reason? It’s good for business, parents like this (a lot) and these kids will be your future customers one day.

In general, the produce aisle is not the most exciting part of a grocery store. But by offering tasty snacks and treats this can quickly change to become a favorite part of the store. Not only will children appreciate something delicious to snack on, but parents will also be grateful to have their young ones entertained so they can focus on shopping.

This is a simple and easy idea that can have great benefits. The article goes on to give other ideas that cater to kids, such as school presentations and box samples. We encourage you to read the article here!

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