Keeping Up With Growing Demand in Organic Bananas


Organic bananas are becoming ever more popular. In fact, consumer demand for organic bananas has increased dramatically and overall, they are primed for major sales increases. The fact that consumers have noted the health benefits of consuming organic bananas is great, but is it possible to keep up with demand?

There are many factors that are influential in meeting the demand for suppliers of organic produce. One such factor is available land. Land purposed for growing organic fruit must meet standards in sustainable, organic farming methods. When looking for new ground, it is oftentimes difficult to not only find, but also expensive to convert. Soil quality, from nutrients to previously used fertilizers have to be taken into account when looking for new farm land. At Organics Unlimited, we prefer to create sustainable farms from the ground up instead of converting conventional farms. This approach helps us be less disruptive to the environment.

Nature and the elements must also be taken into account. Climate change has already impacted many growing regions. For example, warming trends have allowed the state of Washington to have a crop landscape that rivals that of California. And while warmer climate may open up land for more production in some places, other areas are getting too warm for their traditional crops. In Mexico, and Ecuador, where Organics Unlimited bananas are grown, there is an abundance of rainfall and fertile soil, but also the risk of tropical storms that can destroy whole crops. In order to help communities recover should disaster strike, Organics Unlimited created a special disaster relief fund under its GROW program.

Weather conditions and soil integrity are only a few of the things that need to be taken into consideration. From diseases and pests (which are harder to combat with organic methods), to dangers in transportation, to careful storage and retail display by retailers, ensuring supply means being mindful at all stages of the banana’s journey.

At Organics Unlimited, we definitely intend to keep up with our consumer demand. And although one cannot control natural setbacks, four generations of farm expertise have given us the tools to be prepared and proactive in fulfilling supply. In fact, Mayra Velazquez de Leon, president and CEO of Organics Unlimited in San Diego, recently announced the expansion of the San Diego headquarters, where a warehouse and ripening facility added additional refrigeration in order to keep up with demand.

Through intelligent, sustainable farming practices and a knowledge of the industry, Organics Unlimited intends to continue providing high-quality organic fruit to our customers!

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