Keep Dad Healthy this Father’s Day

Keep Dad Healthy this Father's Day Banana Marketing

Increase awareness to bananas during your Father’s Day promotions and give your customers the facts they need to have a happier, healthier dad. Make this Father’s Day more special for dad. This time of year is the one day we celebrate the special men in our lives who raised us, taught us how to ride a bike, and so much more.

Bananas are a super fruit for a super guy. Dad may want to kick-back, play some golf, or have some time to himself to make home improvements; bananas are a great way to energize the body and the perfect treat to start the day.

Put emphasis on the natural effects bananas can have on health. Not only are bananas great for physical health and endurance, but mental health as well. If your dad is feeling too stressed, needs to lower his cholesterol, or suffers from anxiety, bananas can be your ticket to a stronger, more energetic dad.

There are many possibilities and alternatives to promote before this weekend through healthy recipes or in-store demos. The more your customers are aware of the benefits of bananas, the better chance your sales will grow.

Give back to dads this Father’s Day with the help of bananas and make sure he lives a long, healthy life.

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