Just how popular are bananas?

In the midst of all the exciting new produce available for summer, don’t forget to stock and merchandise your organic bananas wisely. Although there are more fruits available locally during the warm months, bananas continue to be one of the most popular ones. According to the The Packer, bananas have once again retained their ranking as the most popular fruit in the Top 20 list this year.

Here are other statistics that will help you merchandise your bananas;

  • 82% of customers purchased bananas within the past 12 months
  • Annual household income does not present a big difference in the amount of bananas bought, however 87% of households with an annual income of over $100k bought bananas, versus 79% of households with incomes less than $25k
  • Consumers purchased 63 percent conventional bananas, 22 percent bought both conventional and organic
  • The largest group of banana buyers were families with 3 or more kids (91%) versus no kids (84%)
  • Females slightly outperform males in banana purchases, 84% vs 81%
  • Age also factored into banana purchases, with 87% of consumers over the age of 59 purchasing bananas, followed closely by consumers between the ages of 21-39, of which 81% purchased bananas

As produce aficionados, this is great news, especially for sales of your organic bananas. This healthy, convenient fruit is easy to store, ripen and consume and is already a favorite of your customers!

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