It’s Time to Liven Up Lunchboxes

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School has been in session for a few months and your customers with kiddos may be running out of ideas for healthy lunchbox items. By creating appealing and nutritious packable dishes, parents can help their children get the fuel they need throughout the day. And, the more fun the items, the more fun kids will have eating them.

Retailers can promote more Organics Unlimited banana sales and help busy moms with meal planning by creating recipe cards for customers to take home with them. Recipes can also be shared in weekly mailers or newsletters.

We’ve combed through a few of our favorite blogger sites and dug up some of our tried-and-true recipes from our previous blog posts to bring you some ideas that your customers with kids will love.

Any dish with pumpkin is a hit this time of year. Join the pumpkin-palooza by making a batch of these pumpkin banana muffins from Simmworks Family Blog. These are great as a breakfast, snack or even dessert for children and adults.

These spinach and banana muffins from The Mommy Project are delicious for kids (and adults) of any age. The banana masks any bitter spinach taste, so it’s a great way to get young ones to eat healthy greens. These are good for on-the-go and in lunchboxes.

What’s the difference between a cupcake and a muffin? Not much! These oatmeal banana cupcakes from Sassy Mama in LA could be called either. They’re moist and fluffy yet pack a nutritious punch with healthy carbohydrates and potassium.

Banana can be a great option as the main dish in a lunchbox, too. Our Ordinary Life puts a spin on a wrap by using crust-less bread to create banana roll-ups. Similarly, a tortilla can be used to create this Peanut Butter and Banana Wrap from Living Mi Vida Loca. Here’s a whole wheat version of a banana wrap that includes some tasty nuts and seeds for an extra nutritional boost. These chocolate and caramelized banana empanadas are a scrumptious lunchbox main dish, too, and A Little Yumminess blogger recommends making them with children to have little ones participate in creating their own nutritious meals.

There’s nothing wrong with allowing kids to play with their food, as long as they’re going to eat it too! By including all these ingredients in a lunchbox, parents can give their children all the tools to assemble these fun bananafly from OC Mom Blog that they can then devour. This little peanut butter banana caterpillar from Power Your Lunchbox will give kids quite the surprise when they open their lunchboxes!

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