iTrade & Organics Unlimited


The iTradeNetwork is a global provider of on-demand supply chain management and intelligence solutions for the foodservice industry. ITN’s collaborative solutions allow distributors, manufacturers, operators and retailers to easily and effectively conduct business.

ITN gives food service corporations clarity and control over supply chain processes. They follow a source, supply, and measure methodology which allows customers to achieve results that meet their objectives.

Starting with “Source,” ITN uses tools like e-tenders, auctions and contract management to ensure the right products from the best suppliers are selected. With “Supply,” ITN’s services enable the management of freight and logistics, place orders, and even pay invoices. Finally with “Measure,” ITN collects, normalizes and enriches information and applies analytic solutions so that customers can improve price and purchase compliance, identify new contract opportunities, monitor supplier performance, and identify new revenue generating opportunities.

Organics Unlimited is a member of iTrade, and for customers who are also ITN members, this is a convenient way to conduct business with us. ITN allows for the direct purchasing of produce which saves retailers time and money.

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