Introducing our GROW Earth Day Donation Project

In celebration of Earth Day 2010, we’re spilling the beans about our plans to launch the GROW Earth Day Donation Project! Working with the International Community Foundation, the Earth Day Donation Project is dedicated to raising funds and educating the community on organic produce and programs that help to improve the lives of farm workers in Mexico and Ecuador. In addition to funds raised by GROW-branded banana purchases, this project will allow those who wish to donate directly to the GROW Fund do so through an online webpage and will run for an entire year.

Organics Unlimited is also building a cause-specific tab on their GROW Facebook page, and linking the donation site through all social media outlets. This tab will feature a tree that “grows” with the amount of contributions made, and updates on donation progress and news.

We’re excited to offer contributors a way to donate directly to the GROW Fund, and can’t wait to get the program up and running!

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