Increase Sales through Merchandising

Bananas are the most frequently purchased fruit in the U.S. however there is always room for retailers to increase sales through strategic planning. Organized displays and cross- merchandising can lay a solid foundation for a store’s produce reputation. Retailers are always looking for a way to boost sales, and in this economy, consumers are looking for exciting and affordable ways to satisfy their palate.

It’s been said that we eat with our eyes first. In the produce world, consumers shop with their eyes first. We’ve all seen displays where banana hands are contorted, bruised, and stacked on top of each other haphazardly. An ample, quality display is the first step in maximizing consistent sales and impulse buys. As with most food items, banana displays should be clean and aesthetically appealing. This not only ensures catching your shoppers’ attention, but also protects the overall quality of the bananas.

Another way to increase banana sales and sales of related products is incorporating a cross merchandising program. Bananas can aid in selling other items around the store. Cross merchandise bananas with:
  • Muesli and Oatmeal
  • Other Fruits for Smoothies
  • Chocolate Dips
  • Cake / Pie Mixes and Supplies
  • Salads
  • Ice Cream
Retailers with a well-planned banana merchandising program highlight the quality and versatility of this wonder fruit. Bananas are a great value in the produce department, and through cross merchandising and proper display techniques, consumers and retailers can both benefit.

What are your thoughts on bananas and cross merchandising? Leave your feedback and ideas below!

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