In Nature’s Time

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This fall, unusually cold temperatures hit the banana-growing regions of Mexico and South America. Due to the extreme weather patterns, bananas are taking longer to grow naturally. According to, temperatures in Ecuador have reached an average of 68 degrees Fahrenheit at night.

“Bananas generally take an average of 13 weeks to develop before harvesting,” says Organics Unlimited president, Mayra Velazquez deLeon. “While we have been able to maintain the quality you’ve come to expect from Organics Unlimited, we’re having to delay harvesting for a few weeks to ensure an optimal product for our customers.”

This delay in banana production is universal and affecting all banana growers in the region. Unfortunately, there’s no way to speed up the process without compromising the quality of the end product. We’re willing to let nature take its time in order to grow bananas that adhere to Organics Unlimited’s high standards.

While we still have a good amount of product, we’re recommending that distributors and retailers limit their banana promotions at this time. Keep checking our blog as we will keep you updated as to when we see a shift in banana production.

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