Update on Damage from Hurricane Patricia

Update on Damage from Hurricane Patricia

As Hurricane Patricia has dissipated, the Organics Unlimited team has begun to assess the damage incurred by the storm. Thankfully, since the hurricane quickly lost strength once reaching land, the devastation across the entire Colima region of Mexico was less than expected.

We are happy to report that problems at the Organics Unlimited farms appear to be minimal in comparison to what was predicted from the powerful storm. The team began to clear away downed trees and assess farm damage on Sunday, and those activities will continue throughout this week. Operations are up and running and there will be no gap in organic banana supply to our distributors and retailers.

As our workers begin their duties back on the farms, we are also looking into how much damage was caused to their homes and communities. Thankfully, because of proper safety measures prior to the storm, there were no catastrophic injuries or deaths in the area, but property was certainly damaged.

We are also checking in with Project Amigo, which GROW funds help support, to ensure their students and staff are all safe. We expect to hear of damage to homes and communities as power is restored to various regions of Colima.

The funds donated to GROW by Organics Unlimited benefit the entire communities surrounding our organic banana farms; we understand that if the communities flourish, so do our farms and our product. The communities and its residents are intrinsic to the prosperity of Organics Unlimited. If you would like to make a contribution to the GROW disaster relief sub-fund and help communities within the Colima region rebuild, you may do so here.

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