How Winter Weather Affects the Supply of Organic Bananas

Organics Unlimited banana boxes

Winter is a difficult time for banana crops. Banana plants are tropical and thrive in warm climates. When temperatures drop, growers everywhere experience slower production rates, which leads to banana shortages and higher prices for consumers.

Organics Unlimited grows most of our organic bananas in Mexico. As the weather cools, the growth rate of our bananas slows. Our farms continue to produce high-quality organic bananas, but it takes longer for the fruit to grow. During the cooler months of January through May, we rely more heavily on our farms in Ecuador, as they are less affected by cool weather this time of year.

Our Ecuadorian farms are capable of delivering a steady supply, but shipments take longer to arrive due to the greater distance traveled. This means that we may experience a temporary shortage in our banana supply as the weather changes and we adjust our logistics and shipping patterns to accommodate. We ask for your understanding during this time. We assure our customers that we will be back up to full speed soon and we will continue to provide you with high-quality, organic bananas as well as top-notch customer service.

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