How Will Disaster in Japan Affect Produce?

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With the recent unfortunate earthquake and tsunami near Sendai, Japan, there have been many speculations on the effects it may have on the produce industry and future shipments to a country that imports the majority of its food and commodities. Although most industry suppliers and distributors believe there may be some effects on sales due to a weakened infrastructure or a lower demand due to low morale, the outlook is looking good and people are hopeful. In the wake of such a terrible disaster retailers may be weary of pushing sales and marketing while being respectful to a “mourning” period. Japan sheds light on the importance of timely logistics in the produce industry and how a localized disaster could impact many parts of the world. With farms and harbors so easily affected by tsunamis, storms and earthquakes, it is important to have a plan for such disasters logistically or know how to inform your customers about reasons for increases or decreases in prices and supply.

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