How to Promote Bananas through In-store or Community Events

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Organics Unlimited banana’s make for a great on-the-go snack to take on a picnic or incorporate in a fruit salad for a cookout. Due to their “just in time” motto, Organics Unlimited is able to transport bananas from Mexico to the U.S. in 4 days, minimizing the carbon foot print and allowing them to deliver a fresh fruit to your store. In turn it gives your customers fresh bananas in their spring/summer snacks.  

With spring just around the corner, take time to consider unique marketing opportunities that will drive more customers to your store. During this time of the year many people enjoy being outdoors and taking in the sun. Make sure your in-store displays are being cross-marketed with some of the other outdoor eating items.

Consider the following in-store events or partnering with community events to promote bananas or help kickoff your second quarter sales:

  • Develop a healthy banana cooking class for adults and children
  • Host a mini farmers market right outside your store and display a tower of bananas that will attract customers
  • Participate in local runs or other fitness events where bananas will benefit the athletes

Organics Unlimited is more than happy to participate in some of your in-store or community events to help promote healthy eating to the neighborhood. Our GROW label partners with local grocers throughout the year to help promote healthy living at community events.

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