How to Bring Culture to Christmas with Plantains

How to Bring Culture to Christmas with Plantains

Christmas is one of the most celebrated holidays throughout the world. It is such a culturally diverse celebration that there are many traditions that become infused through generations. How can you take advantage of this cultural opportunity for your holiday planning? Start with plantains, which are a traditional Guatemalan holiday treat.

Best when fried, plantains can be a fantastic holiday appetizer or dessert at a party. By promoting organic plantains as a Guatemalan delicacy, your customers will grow interested in trying recipes from other cultures. In the season of the holidays, it’s always enjoyable to cross cultures and think of others. Providing the idea of plantains will bridge the gap between the Americas for a delicious Christmas your customers won’t forget.

Fried Plantains

Use this opportunity to make plantains as accessible and beloved as yellow, Cavendish bananas. Utilizing the cultural aspect of produce, such as plantains, creates a unique value that consumers may not consider on a regular basis. It will remind them of the produce origins, which can also tie well in to the organic growing process.

We supply organic plantains alongside our yellow bananas and coconuts. Please contact us if you’re interested in plantains.

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