How Retailers Can Help Promote GROW Month


GROW month is Organics Unlimited’s 30-day campaign that aims to create more consumer awareness of organic bananas, fresh produce and healthy lifestyles. We do this by partnering with media, but the most important conduit we rely on for sharing information with consumers is our retailer customers. We value your support every day of the year, but particularly in September when we want to make sure every consumer in your store knows the story and mission behind GROW by Organics Unlimited.

In order to help you support GROW month, we have created a toolkit of items you can use in your store and online:

Organics Unlimited and GROW have recently unveiled a fresh, new look to its branding, including new banana stickers, revised packaging and an updated look and messaging. The messaging was created to speak more directly to the consumer, and our new POP can be a great tool for you to utilize during GROW month. The above picture is one example. Email us at for more!

Social Media
Today’s consumers are very digitally connected. They value information they find on social media through friends, connections and trusted resources. Connect with us on FacebookTwitter and Instagram, and share the GROW information we post. Your audiences will appreciate the tips and news you provide. We have also created some suggested social media messages for you to share with your audiences. Download the document here.

Use our hashtag, #GROWmonth, on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram when sharing information about how your store supports GROW month. That way, when consumers search for content about #GROWmonth, your photos and information will be included!

Power Your Lunchbox Twitter Party
We ask our customers and supporters to take part in the Produce for Kids Power Your Lunchbox Twitter party! Everyone can join, and it will be a fun time to share tips on healthy eating, back-to-school lunch ideas, recipes and promoting good nutrition. It is also a great way to launch into #GROWmonth, which begins just a couple weeks after. Click here to read about the Twitter party.

Together, we can spread the word about GROW’s good work and continue to help our communities in need.

Share the GROW message using #GROWmonth.

For more information on how you can help support GROW, please visit our website, and follow GROW on Facebook Twitter  and Instagram for more updates.

To learn more about our organic bananas and how you can supply them in your store, please visit and follow Organics Unlimited on Facebook and Twitter for more news.

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