How Retailers and Distributors Prepare for GROW Month

GROW organic banana displayGROW Month, a 30-day celebration of Organics Unlimited’s nonprofit program, begins September 1. With each box of GROW organic bananas sold, a portion of the proceeds are directed toward the GROW fund and are used for youth education scholarships in Mexico, clean water programs in Ecuador, dental and vision care in Mexico, micro-loans for small family businesses and more.

Our distributors and retailers are very important in the success of GROW, especially during GROW Month, when we aim to spark consumer involvement with the social responsibility initiatives of GROW. We recently reached out to a supporting retailer for ideas in how other retailers can help educate their customers on GROW’s mission.

GROW organic banana retailer Jimbo’s … Naturally! is a complete natural foods grocery store with five locations in the San Diego area. While it has been a longtime supporter of Organic Unlimited and GROW, most of their customers aren’t fully aware of how GROW positively impacts lives in the banana-growing regions of Mexico and Ecuador. To help spread the mission of GROW during September, Jimbo’s will include information about GROW in the newsletter that’s distributed in-store and in the email blast that is sent to approximately 6,500 subscribers. Jimbo’s also plans on using social media to share GROW messages. Each store location is creating a food demonstration featuring GROW bananas, and customers who purchase GROW bananas will receive banana bags at the check-out register.

We encourage retailers and distributors to join in the celebration and share the message of GROW throughout the month of September. From social media post suggestions to in-store promotional ideas, Organics Unlimited can provide materials to be used for GROW Month. Explore to learn more about how GROW supports its banana growing communities and how you can get involved.

If you are a retailor or distributor of GROW organic bananas and would like more information on GROW banana bags and other resources available for GROW Month promotion, please contact

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