How Can You Help GROW Month?

GROW Month 2014 Organics Unlimited

GROW Month begins September 1 and there are many ways you can help spread the word. The more you support our efforts, the more opportunities others will have at a better life. You have the power to let your customers know that with the purchase of GROW bananas they are truly changing lives.

Increasing awareness of GROW helps support non-profit organizations like Project Amigo provide scholarships to kids in Mexico and funds for health clinics; or a non-profit like Children International, which has created a safe water project and an early childhood education program.

GROW Month is the entire month of September, providing the perfect opportunity to make a difference. Signage, bigger organic banana displays and handouts are great ways to inform everyone of the wonderful work you are supporting in Mexico and Ecuador. And by showing your involvement with the GROW program, customers will help spread the good news to their friends and family. Buying a product that helps a community increases customer loyalty.

If you have unique signage or make a new display for GROW in September, please share it with us!

GROW is also partnering with Produce For Kids this August through September 15 to help GROW reach more online communities throughout the nation. Please take time to learn more about the Power Your Lunchbox Program and have your customers participate.

If you would like to learn more about GROW, please visit If you would like to sell GROW bananas in your stores, please visit

You can also find GROW on Facebook and Twitter.

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