Highlight Organic Bananas During Fresh Fruit and Veggie Month

Highlight Organic Bananas During Fresh Fruit and Veggie Month

June is National Fresh Fruit and Veggie Month, a time to celebrate your produce section and promote healthy eating. Bananas are hands down the best selling produce item in retailers throughout the nation, and next month will be a great chance to give them the praise they deserve. As one of the healthiest food items to sell to your customers, nothing comes close to this year-round tropical, yellow fruit. Everybody wins with organic bananas. 

Whether you choose to have a big display or highlight certain produce throughout the store, be sure to pick the right method of promotion that will work for your store and your customers.

Make a bold statement with a larger organic banana display and ensure it is fully stocked at all times. Provide options including single fingers or bunches of bananas, but also keep a variety of color. Some customers prefer more yellow bananas over green or vice versa.

If your produce department is a bit smaller, try highlighting certain fruits throughout the week or on certain days. If you know your busiest day is on Saturday, put your organic bananas in the forefront of your display.

Compliment your banana displays with other fruits and veggies that your customers may like. Give them ideas to make smoothies or other recipes that are easy to make. You can utilize this cross marketing opportunity to print out recipe cards (contact us for login information) or convey nutritional facts as takeaways or offer them on your store’s website.

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