Heat Up Your Produce Sales with Tropical Fruits

Heat Up Your Produce Sales with Tropical Fruits

Take your customer away to a tropical land by promoting organic bananas and coconuts, as well as other warm destination fruits such as plantains and red bananas. Tropical fruits bring a bit of the exotic to shoppers throughout the year.

Grouping your produce together creates a different mind set with your customers when they see a promotional display, such as a tropical theme. When you have produce that is traditionally displayed, consumers will initially just think of that fruit and their relation to it. But if you develop a special array of produce grouped together your customers will see them as a whole, look past their individual properties, and think of creative ways to use them together.

There are a large assortment of tropicals that are perfect for smoothies, desserts, BBQing, and more. Along with organic bananas and coconuts, pineapples, papayas, mangoes, and kiwis are also great additions to have on display.

Showcasing fun themes in your produce displays attracts attention and will help you sell more. And to further your promotion, offering recipe cards or samples is also a smart way to increase your chances of sales on the spot.

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