Healthy Bananas, but So Much More

Healthy Bananas, but So Much More Organics Unlimited

Consumers will often buy organic products in a quest to be healthier. They have images of harmful chemicals being introduced into their diets, and for that reason, they will often feel they can compromise their need for organic produce when it comes to a fruit like bananas that has a peel that they remove before they eat it. 

In reality, buying organic means much more than the health benefits it provides by not worrying about harmful fertilizers and pesticides. We think your customers would like to know that there is a bigger picture as well.

Organic provides us with three important benefits:

  • Individual health
  • Protection of the environment
  • Health and sustainability of the labor force

How do these three points affect your purchase of bananas from Organics Unlimited?

Individual health is an important first step. Even though bananas are peeled before they are eaten, chemicals are normally introduced into the farming process through irrigation systems.  Irrigation provides the ability of the plants to grow, so every part of the plant ingests chemicals through the water. And that means that even though there is not always spraying on the outer skins of conventionally grown bananas, there is still the ability for the chemicals to permeate the fruit through the growth process. We recommend, therefore, buying organic.

Most people these days feel some level of responsibility for protecting the environment in which we live. What they don’t always understand is that harmful chemicals have long-term negative effects on the soil, waterways and the air in growing areas.  And issues that affect growing areas effectually also affect consumers at home. Polluted waterways, infertile soil, and lack of clean air have disastrous consequences to the human and animal populations that are far-reaching. We recommend, therefore, buying organic.

Providing a safe and healthy environment and working conditions for field workers is a subject that has become concerning to the US population. With this in mind, your customers need to be aware of the severe health problems caused by the use of pesticides in conventional banana farming. We recommend, therefore, buying organic.

Given the bigger picture, your customers will prefer organic. Providing the education on what organic means to them and the world around them is all of our responsibilities. Much of it needs to be done at point of purchase.  For signage from Organics Unlimited, check out the merchandising area of our website at

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