GROWing the Importance of Family

Maria Esther Cruz GROW Scholar

August is Family Fun Month, a time to celebrate the importance of family. It is necessary to highlight what GROW has done and before GROW Month begins, express the value of family to your customers. Show them the impact GROW has on the lives of others to bring more awareness of how your sales of GROW bananas help.

Reach out to customers who may appreciate all that you do with GROW by showing how the program helps families in banana growing regions. This will raise awareness of what your store does for GROW and you will see an increase in sales!

One GROW Scholar, Maria Esther Cruz, knows the value of family because of the assistance she received from the GROW Program. Thanks to funds directed to Project Amigo, Maria was able to obtain a degree in accounting. She took an internship with Project Amigo her senior year and was hired as soon as she graduated from university.

Now happily married and a mother of three, Maria continues to give back to those who supported her dreams. Thanks to the GROW Fund and their work with Project Amigo, Maria’s hard work and dedication has led her to an incredible job and a loving family. Maria writes:

“Because of Project Amigo I have met marvelous people who work to make a better future for those most in need – people from whom I have learned so much. I hope to continue learning because this life is filled with so many things above and apart from simple academics. You have given me important tools to face so many aspects of my life with confidence.”

With your support, people like Maria are given wonderful opportunities that they may have never had the chance to experience otherwise – like an education or the chance to move ahead. Bring awareness to your customers about GROW and the lives it touches. Your customers will be thankful for your kindness and advocate your endeavors!

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