GROWing Outside of the Classroom with Project Amigo

GROWing Outside of the Classroom with Project Amigo

This past January, volunteers from the Project Amigo English as a Second Language Work Week assisted nearly 30 Project Amigo staff members and scholarship students on a day trip with 111 kids at La Boquita in Manzanillo. They plan to make this trip again this February.

Thanks to the support of GROW, Project Amigo is able to support over 400 children and youth in the banana growing regions of Mexico. 300 of these children are in kindergarten through sixth grade, and are considered “sponsorship” children, whom are living in poverty but have exceptional grades, positive attitudes, and are recommended to Project Amigo by public school teachers.

At the beginning of seventh grade, and each year thereafter through the university level, each of these children must qualify according to a more strident list of standards to receive a Project Amigo scholarship.

In addition to encouraging students inside the classroom, Project Amigo focuses on continuing education outside of the classroom and encourages growth through fun opportunities the sponsorship children never would have had the chance to do.

Included with the annual “incentives” for sponsorship children is a day-long trip to the beach to the Pacific coast of Colima, a sight that many would never have seen before without Project Amigo and the help of our Work Week volunteers.

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See how GROW is getting involved in Ecuador with funding to a Safe Water Project and Early Childhood Education programs.

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