GROW Timeline

GROW Month is going strong and continues to raise awareness about the programs that raise the quality of life for our banana growing communities. Customers want to purchase from brands that make a difference. Customers also want to know that the programs they support have longevity and impact.

GROW by Organic Unlimited has been very successful and has expanded its programs since the time of its inception. Most people know about the large programs GROW sponsors such as education scholarships, clean water and more, but did you know that throughout the years GROW has sponsored many different initiatives?  Here is a timeline of some GROW programs that many people may not know about:


2006 GROW Program Starts
2007 Dental Program Begins Children and parents are taught about healthy toothbrushing habits.
Cyber Center is Initiated Desk computers are set up.
2008 Vitamin Program Children are taught the importance of nutrients and vitamins are distributed.
2009 Drinking Fountains Clean-water fountains are distributed to schools.
Mini-Libraries 200 books are distributed to schools and libraries.
2010 Book Drive Books are given to individual children for personal reading.
Over 2,000 books are distributed to schools.
2011 Vision Program Begins Vision exams and reading glasses are given to the community.
Clothing Drive Clothing is distributed to members of the community.
2012 Book Drive Books are distributed to remaining country schools.
2014 Vision Clinic Vision clinics are expanded. More people receive glasses and eye-exams.
2015 Clean City Campaign Volunteers clean city streets and educate local population about the importance of clean streets.
Health Campaign Crutches, a wheel chair and a stretcher on wheels donated to local health clinic.
2016 Beach Cleaning Students cleaned beaches and were taught about conservation efforts.
2017 Powdered Milk Campaign Powdered milk was subsidized to needy families.
Books and Toys Reference books and learning toys for the education center.


GROW Health Program Campaign to educate people with chronic diseases on how to improve their lifestyle.


Dental Health Program Students with dental issues are given dental attention.
2018 Maintenance Program Painting, roof repairs, adding of a patio roof and yard work done.
Health and Empowerment 5-day workshop is hosted and attended by 25 community women


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