GROW – The Key to Future Generations

GROW has been funding programs in Mexico since 2005, and we have many success stories that we’ve described in the past. A big portion of the funds currently go to help educational programs, and we have many students who will help to make the next generations in their families and communities smarter and more productive through their studies. But as this picture shows, these students also maintain their heritage as they prepare for special festivals.

What is GROW doing in Colima for the students this year, and how will this impact the area? Students as young as junior high age apply for GROW scholarships, since that is the age when there starts to be some expense to education for them and their families. In order to help the whole community in the best way, students are chosen based on both the promise they show and the need in their families for financial help.

In the 2010-2011 school year, GROW is providing scholarships that include such things as books, uniforms, school supplies, and homework assistance to eight junior high age students. Of these, six are returning students, and two are new to the program. Returning students mean they are continuing to do well in their studies, and are motivated to move ahead. And these stuents are required to consistently attend homework sessions and provide community service throughout the year that will help other families and neighbors.

Seven students are going to high school in the area, thanks to GROW. Six of these students have already been part of the GROW experience, either as junior high or high school students, and one is a new applicant who is starting his first year of high school this year. Like the junior high students, these scholars get a similar type of funding, and have similar requirements for homework sessions and community service.

Then there are the university students, and through the success of GROW’s work in the past five years, our number of college students has grown. It is a few of our university students who are shown in the photo. We now have thirteen students at the University of Colima, studying a variety of disciplines, including:

  • Civil engineering
  • Agricultural engineering
  • Nursing
  • Mechanical & electrical engineering
  • Tourism
  • International relations
  • Language education
  • Special education
  • Psychology
  • Architecture
  • International trade
  • Business administration

This is the shining light in the future for these children of impoverished workers living in third world conditions. They are a dynamic, energetic and intelligent group of young people who need the assistance to allow them to reach their potential. The purchase of GROW bananas is what provides this opportunity. Donations are also accepted online.

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