GROW Students Volunteer to Help Their Communities

GROW Students Volunteer to Help Their Communities

GROW students who receive scholarships in part by your kind support of the GROW program pay it forward year round. As part of the program, GROW scholars are required to give back by partaking in community service. Through tutoring, cleaning up their town, and other responsibilities, the GROW scholars are helping make an impact in their community.

Maria, a ninth grader who performs exceptionally well in school says that she has a lot of fun mentoring students in preschool. She also participated in helping clean up the banana farms in Rancho El Tesoro when the storms hit earlier this year.

“At the Education Center I was able to volunteer and assist in the summer school program to help younger children. I was teaching the students in preschool, which was fun. I feel extremely happy being able to help others, just as we did when we assisted at the Rancho El Tesoro when the huge storm hit.”

Everyone involved in the GROW program works together to build stronger communities, and Abigail, also a ninth grader, shares her enthusiasm of helping out with her fellow GROW scholars.

“At the GROW education center I feel extremely useful because I have been able to provide advice to the children in our community. The Education Center is a very useful source for me because I can get help on my homework when needed and I also have access to the internet. Additionally, I enjoy working with my classmates and have a lot of fun conversing with them.”

We will continue to share more GROW stories from students as we receive letters from them. Their enthusiasm for education and community service important as we continue to make GROW the best program for our customer’s participation.

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