GROW Student: Maria Dolores

Maria Dolores (Lolita) 1Maria Dolores is 23 years old and has been a GROW student for 10 years. She is in her final semesters at university for software engineering. Someday, she dreams of owning her own web programming company. First, she plans on spending some time working at a company where she can continue learning more about her field.

“Since the time I began as a GROW student, I have changed a lot. Before I was very shy, barely interacting with anyone. But with time, I learned to relate to more people and enjoy spending time with others, learning important values from them and forming strong friendships.”

She will remember the friendships she’s made over her time as a GROW scholar. She continues to enjoy spending time with her closest friends, confiding in them and listening to their points of view, as she prepares to find a job and enter her career.

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