GROW Story: Luis

Each and every personal account of the children whose lives have been transformed by the GROW fund touch our hearts. We continue to share their stories with you. Today Luis tells us about how he longed to join the GROW group and how GROW has made his dreams a possibility. 

“My name is Luis, born on August 7, 1996. I am currently in Emiliano Zapata Technical High School #7. I live in the town of Cerro de Ortega, Tecoman, Colima.

Before obtaining this scholarship, I was was already a child who wanted to study but had almost no money to buy my supplies and uniforms. I would see the scholarship recipients from GROW and Project Amigo walk around Cerro de Ortega doing social service; I would go to the summer courses that the scholarship recipients put together.

That is when I met the teacher that helped them put together the courses, Miss Julieta. I learned a lot from the courses that I didn’t know before and after a few weeks the teacher asked if I wanted to become part of the club, she told me I met all the requirements that were needed and I had good grades. When I was accepted into the group, I committed myself to always get good grades. I did everything the older scholarship recipients did and I felt happy with my new friends.

From that day until today I always do what I promised to do, I serve my community and I really enjoy doing it, we have put together many campaigns, we have put on Olympic sports competitions, we put on shows for our community’s celebrations and we participate in the competitions as a group.

When I grow up I want to be a CPA, that is why I want to stick with this scholarship for a long time, because I don’t have the resources to study. I also attend math courses to help me succeed in the profession I want to study when I grow up.

Thank you to my sponsors Manuel and Mayra from GROW and thanks to Proyecto Amigo, for the great support they give me. Someday I want to be like you, after I get my degree and start to work, I want to help kids who can’t study because they don’t have the resources to do so.

Thank you so much!”

GROW continues to give bright young kids like Luis the opportunity to continue studying and to achieve their dreams. These kids look forward to reaching their goals and paying forward, like the scholarship recipients before them. Help kids like Luis by buying GROW bananas.

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