GROW Story: Christian

Each student in the GROW Scholarship program has their own career goals and ambitions. It’s so great to help students follow through on their dreams. Here is Christian’s story, in his own words:


My name is Christian. I am 19 years old, and am currently in my 3rd semester as an architecture student at the University of Colima, thanks to a scholarship from GROW and Project Amigo.

I was selected for this scholarship during my 4th semester of high school. I was very happy when I was selected for the scholarship, because I knew that would help me reach my dreams of becoming an architect. Originally, I thought I’d have to take lots of time off after high school to work and save up for college, which made me worry that I’d never have the money to pursue my goals. I had hoped to get a job in construction so I could make enough to save a little.

For me, GROW means so much. I feel like my dreams are now within reach, and I am able to see myself as an architect in the near future. Without the GROW scholarship, I would have had to work full time in order to save up for school, and seeing how architecture is a very expensive major, it would have taken me a very long time to save up enough money.

Thank you to GROW and to GROW supporters for helping me reach my goals! I couldn’t do this without you!”

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