GROW Scholars Give Back

Each year, funds from GROW help over 400 community members with education scholarships, vision care and dental care. It would be easy to say that this is making a difference in rural communities where the primary source of living is through agriculture.But social responsibility is a big part of the GROW program for all of these recipients. We think know more about what’s required of scholarship recipients, and what happens as they grow into productive adults.

GROW scholars at the high school and college levels receive money for everything from tuition, supplies, uniforms and room and board.When these young people apply for, and are selected by GROW for scholarships, they also sign a contract, agreeing to uphold certain responsibilities.Among these responsibilities is community service work.Their volunteer efforts help build stronger communities, and spread the advantages they get through the scholarships to a broader segment of the population.

Working through Project Amigo in Colima, Mexico, all GROW programs are run under the strict guidance of the non-profit organization.Read the stories of Mireya Rincon Torres, Noe Hernandez Rodriguez, and Maria Concepcion Fonseca Gonzalez.And for more stories about GROW programs, visit our “People We’ve Helped section on our website.

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