GROW Scholars Find Comfort in Casa Amiga

Casa Amiga Project Amigo Grow Fund

Through the funding of the GROW program, your support not only gives hope to those who strive for a better education, but also a safe place to live. Thanks to the GROW program, nonprofits like Project Amigo can fund their boarding home for GROW Scholars at Casa Amiga and offered safe quarters to live while attending the University of Colima. Project Amigo is looking to add bedrooms and bathrooms to Casa Amiga in order to host more students, and with your support we can help them reach their goal.

Casa Amiga is a boarding home maintained by Project Amigo that was founded by former long-term volunteer, Marylee Bytheriver. Noticing that many Project Amigo scholarship recipients were unable to attend the university because they had no way to travel back and forth between school and home everyday, Marylee took it upon herself to rent a home, hire a housemother, and create a comfortable place to live for deserving women scholars. Learn more about Casa Amiga below:

“Casa Amiga gave me a safe place to live while I was a student in the University. My home was troubled, and I could never have concentrated or done well without the security of Casa Amiga.” – Mireya Rincon, Casa Amiga resident 8 years.

Today, Project Amigo owns Casa Amiga – purchased and remodeled in 2008 through generous donations and funding.  Much of the labor going into the remodel was volunteered by the scholars themselves during their summer vacations and Christmas holidays. Casa Amiga is now coed and provides housing, nutritional meals, security, and a place to study with full access to computers and Internet for homework.

To accommodate the increased number of students who have received scholarships, Casa Amiga is in the beginning stages of building a second floor. Christian Tellez, the top scholar two years in a row who is living at Casa Amiga, is studying architecture. In his last year at the University of Colima, Tellez was invited by Project Amigo to create a mock-up model and design for the remodel project.

Casa Amiga is currently hosting 22 young scholars who are attending the University of Colima, and next year Project Amigo expects that number to jump up to 28. With your help and the help of your customers, Casa Amiga will be able to expand their ability to help others.

There are many ways in which you can help Casa Amiga.The easiest way is to purchase bananas with the GROW label, where much of the money goes straight to the GROW Fund. To get more involved, visit Project Amigo’s website and learn more ways to become a sponsor.

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