GROW Scholar Rafa Attends High School with the Help of Casa Amiga


The mission of GROW organic bananas is, and always has been, to help create a better quality of life for not only the workers on our farms, but for entire communities. The agricultural areas of Mexico and Ecuador are typically filled with families living in poverty, and we feel a responsibility to help provide a better lifestyle for them – regardless of their employment.

Through your GROW by Organics Unlimited purchases, Organics Unlimited is able to give back to the communities in Mexico and Ecuador where our organic bananas are grown.

GROW programs help provide educational, dental and vision support, clean drinking water, milk for growing children, and other necessities to those who need it the most, regardless of their employment, by partnering with non-profit organizations such as Project Amigo in Mexico and Children International in Ecuador to provide these needed services.

Here’s a recent story about how your GROW banana purchases make a difference to students working to pull themselves out of poverty:

Rafa is 20 and a high school student in Mexico. When he was young, Rafa always wanted to go to school, but because he and his siblings had to work, and he had poor eyesight and couldn’t see the chalkboards, it wasn’t a possibility.

But he was determined to learn. When he was 13, he began studying. He completed primary school, junior high and part of high school through an at-home program. Then he bought himself his first pair of glasses, allowing him to attend school like a traditional student.

He attended a high school program at the University of Colima, where he lived in a student house, paying for his food and a room. But the student house closed and he didn’t have anywhere to go. Until he learned of Casa Amiga, the scholarship student home that Project Amigo owns and operates near the university. The students share dorm-style rooms and have chores: washing dishes, cooking, mopping, and more.

Rafa lives at Casa Amiga now. He’s happy to be in a home with food, friends, internet and so many things he never imagined he would have. All of this is thanks to GROW donations!

Rafa, and all the Project Amigo scholars, are profoundly grateful to GROW for making their dreams attainable.

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