GROW Scholar, Luis, Aspires to Graduate High School and Attend College

Luis GROW Scholar Update September 2014

We’re continuing GROW Month with another great letter from Luis, a GROW scholar for the past six years. Luis will be completing high school soon and plans on attending university after graduating. Learn more about Luis’ inspiring ambition after the break.

Once Luis graduates he plans to study graphic design.

“I really enjoy working on computers and creating something that others can use. I prefer design, because since I was a kid I enjoyed drawing. I have already gone through my first week of classes and have really enjoyed them.”

He says the GROW program has really helped him stay focused on his studies and responsibilities. He has seen others lose focus, and promises he will do his best to not disappoint himself or his family.

“A few of my classmates did not continue with Project Amigo. However, I want to continue moving forward knowing it’s a great opportunity.”

Along with his studies, Luis happily participates in community service. Cleaning up his community and helping other children at the Project Amigo Education Center has been a very satisfying learning experience for the young scholar.

Luis ends his letter by stating that when he graduates college, he looks to help others as the GROW program has helped him.


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