GROW Scholar, Esperanza, is Excited to Continue School and Help the Community

GROW Scholar Esperanza August 2014

Through your continued interest and support of GROW, many students have been welcomed back to school this fall. We receive many letters from our GROW scholars who like to share their progress. And today we share the kind words of Esperanza, who has been with the GROW program for the past seven years.

Not only does the GROW program help youths in Mexico and Ecuador continue their education through nonprofits such as Project Amigo and Children International, but they also help by providing school supplies, backpacks, student housing, education centers and more.

Esperanza said she is enthusiastic about this school year.

“I am currently completing my third semester of my public accounting degree. I happen to find this very easy, however the study I find the hardest is English. This year I will dedicate myself to study harder and increase my grades.”

GROW Scholars are also involved in community service work in Mexico.

“These past few months I have exceeded the amount of hours required to fulfill my community work, completing approximately 165 hours. It is something that I am very proud of. It is the least I can do to help my community after all the support you have provided me with.”

GROW Scholar Esperanza Community Service 2014

Although Esperanza is studying public accounting, she has a knack for teaching and helping other students.

“Throughout the summer, my classmate Marco and I assisted in a summer school program to continue helping students. Marco and I assisted the students in fifth and sixth grade. Although they were very talkative, they were also very hard workers. At the end of the summer courses, we did fun activities that my students really enjoyed.”

“The last day of class I received a gift and card from one of my students. The card stated that I was a very good teacher and taught everything very thoroughly but was very strict. I felt very honored and happy to have received a gift from one of my students and know that they appreciated my assistance. I want to thank you for providing us with all the school supplies necessary to be able to facilitate these successful summer courses.”

GROW Scholar Esperanza Summer Field Trip 2014

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