GROW Story: Adriana

GROW Scholar Adriana's Story

Your support of GROW bananas provides young adults amazing opportunities through scholarship programs such as Project Amigo. Through the GROW program, one fourth-year nursing student at the University of Colima, Adriana Dominguez (pictured above), got a chance of a lifetime to travel up to Seattle, Washington to gain experiences she never thought would have been possible before GROW.

Adriana has been a GROW Scholar since 2007, as a 10th grader. She was kind enough to write about her travels this past July and how she experienced her first plane ride and a visit to the Seattle Children’s Hospital. See below:

What Adriana Did: 

“Though I could not in any way recount everything I did, I had the opportunity to spend two magnificent weeks with Jim and Christa. And of course I got to know a country totally different from Mexico!

‘For the first time in my life I flew in an airplane. I discovered snow, and I played in it! I got to ride in a helicopter, which was amazing. I went to a baseball stadium and even got hit in the knee by a flying ball, even though I didn’t think to capture it and keep it. (Nor to cover up when it came flying.)

“We went river rafting, and as you know the wáter up there is freezing! But the fun was total, and it was both relaxing and scary to feel the wáter run beneath us. It was way beyond fun!

“We went to their lake house, which was marvelous. We ate dinner in the Space Needle… wow! That was amazing!”

What She Learned

“We made a visit to Seattle Children’s Hospital, which was incredible. I actually cried seeing the level of service available for health care, and seeing a demonstrated culture of concern not just for patients but for their families as well.

“I saw large supermarkets where GROW bananas are sold; and it was beautiful to see them not just for the attractive displays, and know of their popularity as a product, but to know first-hand what those bananas have done for me and many other students in faraway Mexico.

“I got to know a culture that is completely different— especially the food, that wáter comes right out of the faucet that you can drink, that in stores they don’t use plastic bags so as to reduce pollution, and so many other health-related things.

“I give all my thanks to GROW, to Project Amigo, and to Jim and Christa for giving me this opportunity. Thank you for everything. I will be grateful forever.”


See Adriana and other GROW Scholars on their trip to Seattle:

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