GROW Provides Better Education for Children in Colima, Mexico


GROW by Organics Unlimited provides ongoing financial support and opportunities for banana growing regions, enriching the lives of the farm workers, their families and surrounding communities.

Since 2005, GROW has raised over $1 million, which has helped thousands of families in Mexico and Ecuador. Project Amigo, which provides educational scholarships, homework groups, study centers, dental programs and vision exams in Mexico, is one of the largest recipients of GROW funds.

Every year, Project Amigo hosts five humanitarian work weeks, where volunteers from all over the world fly into Colima, Mexico to help children and families. Two weeks ago, Project Amigo hosted its first work week of the year. This work week focused on literacy and environment, where volunteers gather together to deliver books to children’s libraries, provide children with clothes and shoes and take them to places they’ve never seen.

Organically Grown Company has been one of GROW’s biggest supporters in selling GROW bananas and allowing its employees to volunteer their time in helping the families and children of Colima. Organically Grown Company has raised over $850,000 for GROW to provide funds to Project Amigo. An employee shared her most recent volunteer experience:

“My experience with Project Amigo was very special and will stay with me for a long time. Along with sorting books and delivering them to schools, libraries and individual students (most of them were receiving their first book ever), we distributed clothing, science kits and classroom supplies to remote towns. One day, we took a huge group of the youngest students to a zoo, where we were able to feed birds and pet critters. The joy on their faces was absolutely priceless. Another part of our service week included making a garden at one of the schools and planting food for them.

 “We were able to visit a banana plantation one afternoon and see where the fruit my company sells is grown. While at the farm I got to meet one of the GROW scholars who graduated from college that very day. It was very rewarding to see how much this organization works with students and how much they really, truly want to learn in order to grow up and have options as adults beyond working in the sugarcane fields.”  

IMG_8238_2IMG_8341_2 IMG_8351 IMG_8312_2While many of the students in these remote towns don’t have many supplies to help them develop their education, they love to learn and enjoy new experiences. With your support in purchasing GROW bananas or creating visual appealing merchandising displays with GROW bananas, we can make a difference in banana growing communities.

For more information on how you can help support please visit our GROW website. You may also follow us on Facebook and Twitter for more updates.

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