Alejandra de Jesus Nicolas Garcia

Alejandra was one of the first GROW university graduates, earning a degree in International Relations in 2012. Today, at 29, she is living independently and is part of the internal audit team for one of the largest supermarket chains in Mexico, in charge of the northwestern region from Michoacán to Tijuana.
The oldest of five children, Alejandra was the first in her family to go to university. Her mother works part time running the breakfast room at the primary school in Cerro de Ortega, a small town in Colima. Her father is a bricklayer and painter. Because of her example and GROW’s help, one of Alejandra’s three brothers has completed his university degree in engineering. As for her other siblings, one has completed high school and the other is currently attending.

Always interested in improving her opportunities in the workplace, she is continuing her studies to get a second degree in public accounting and finance at the Technological University of Mexico. Her goal is to become a CPA and specialize in auditing.

Alejandra, cognizant of the opportunities she has been given, has helped herself and her family rise from poverty. She has developed self-confidence and fulfillment that she never dreamed were possible.

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