GROW Preventative Health Programs: Dental Clinics

When it comes to social responsibility, shoppers are more likely to support companies who take in an interest in helping others. GROW (Giving Resources and Opportunities to Workers) is an important program to us at Organics Unlimited. GROW provides amazing opportunities to communities and families in the banana growing areas of Mexico and Ecuador.such as dental and vision clinics, funding for philanthropic projects, and helping youth with educational advances.

This past February, GROW scholars teamed up with high school students from Nevada Union High School in California to bring preventive dental health to the children of rural schools in Colima, Mexico. During their
visit, they applied flouride treatments, taught children how to brush their teeth properly and supplied them with new toothbrushes.

Several U.S. dentists also traveled to Colima to voluntarily examine the children’s teeth and identify those who needed attention. Since GROW’s preventive health program began six years ago, the returning dentists report significant reductions in cavities and drastic improvements of dental health!

Through your customer’s support of our GROW program, we can continue providing these opportunities to our workers and their families. Supplying your customers with information and stories about GROW will give them an additional reason to purchase bananas from your store.

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