Organic Bananas Focus on Spring Weight Loss

With spring here and April showers falling many areas of the country, it means that summer and outdoor living can’t be far behind.  For so many of us, that means diets to shed those extra pounds we’ve added over the winter.  But what is the right diet for you, and how can you lose weight, keep up your health, and get the nutrition you need?  We think it’s time to explore how tasty organic bananas have an important role in both healthy living and weight loss.

Most diets want you to have good portions of fruits and vegetables, which provide many nutrients you need.  Bananas offer some different benefits to your diet that can be beneficial to the bigger picture of your spring conditioning.  While the calories may be slightly higher, they also offer more protein, fiber, vitamins and minerals while putting no fat in your diet.  Unlike most food items with no fat, they have a creamy consistency that adds extra body to your smoothies, filling you up not out.  Because they contain more fiber, they satisfy your hunger better and longer than most fruits.

A few years ago, the Morning Banana Diet became popular, particularly in Japan where it originated.  The concept was that you should eat unlimited bananas and room temperature water for breakfast. There were not specific meal plans for the balance of the day, only suggestions about eating and lifestyle choices. Additionally bananas could be consumed as a snack later in the day.  Effective?  Possibly, although not scientifically proven. Some people swore by it as the best diet they ever tried. The good news is, healthy eating and making bananas part of your food plan throughout every day will be beneficial toward a healthier life and help you get in shape and stay in shape for the summer.

With GROW organic bananas, not only can you be shape, but because they’re organic, you are also not adding any harmful chemicals to your diet or the environment.  And somewhere in Mexico or Ecuador, you will be helping members of the banana growing community also make better lives for themselves and their families.

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