GROW – More Than Just Bags

GROW banana bags are now in markets across the western US.  And our goal is to make this program successful for our retailers by helping customers understand what they are getting with they buy GROW bananas, and perhaps use the bags.  That’s why we are including FREE point of purchase signage with every shipment of GROW bags.  Here are a few tips for making this a good back-to-school banana season during September’s GROW Month.
  • Post the attract GROW signage in the middle of your bananas.  There’s room for pricing right on the sign.
  • Put tasty GROW bananas in the attractive bags, and encourage your customers to buy more.  The recipe on the back may spark an easy additional way to enjoy an old favorite.
  • Provide additional attractive GROW banana bags for shoppers to use in selecting bananas.
  • Give shoppers lots of recipe options, available thorugh our Facebook page.
  • Remember there is a contest for the best displays this month.  Use a theme, interesting graphics, bright colors, and signage.  It all attracts the right kind of attention.

Happy GROW Month to everyone. What you do makes a difference.

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