GROW Month: An Uplifting Story from Project Amigo

Leonel Project Amigo Update 2014

Attending college can be a tough transition for some, while many youths in Mexico do not even have the opportunity to attend school after a certain age. Thanks to your support of the GROW program, many kids are able to complete their education and go on to college. Leonel, is one of the amazing students who has been accepted into college, thanks to the support of Project Amigo, a non-profit that is funded in part by GROW.

Following his first cycle of classes last Fall; it was clear that Leonel was struggling, not just with the field of study (civil engineering), but also with being a resident in Casa Amiga in Colima; being away from home for the first time in his life was a difficult transition.

Unfortunately, his study major is only offered at the Colima campus. As much as Project Amigo tried to encourage and counsel, Leonel quit in great despair at the end of the first fall semester.

Meeting with his mother one month later, Coke Newell from Project Amigo was informed that he was hardly leaving his room, and was very depressed. Team members from PA all stayed in touch with Leonel and encouraged him to try again this year; a different major at a different campus. His high school grades and his perpetual service at the GROW Education Center through his high school years were ample evidence of his potential and his value.

This past July, Leonel took his exam to enter software engineering and was readmitted to the Tecoman campus (allowing him to live at home). So Leonel is back, and happy!

In addition to Leonel’s return to finish his studies, another GROW student, Esperanza, told Project Amigo on day three at Casa Amiga last fall that she was having similar away-from-home struggles. In her case, the Tecoman campus also offered her degree (accounting), allowing her to swtich campuses. Her year-end GPA was 9.6 out of 10, the third highest for college students this year. Project Amigo requires an average GPA of 8 to stay in the program.

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