GROW Month 2014: GROW Scholars Celebrate the End of Summer

GROW Scholars 2014 Summer Retreat 55

We love to see happy faces on all of the GROW scholars who have been given a better chance at education thanks to your support. Without The GROW Program, many of these kids would not have had the opportunities for success in continuing education. This summer a group of GROW scholars celebrated the end of summer school with a fun retreat. Take a look at the photos after the break.

As you can see below, it was all smiles at this summer’s retreat for the GROW scholars. The event was full of fun activities and games for all to enjoy.

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With all the fun and excitement, the GROW scholars are looking forward to getting back to school and seeing all their friends this fall.

The GROW Program (Giving Resources and Opportunities to Workers), not only helps the communities and children of Mexico and Ecuador, but also the workers who help make Organics Unlimited bananas possible. With your help, we can continue funding safe water projects, early childhood education programs, health clinics, and so much more!

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