GROW Month 2012 Begins in September!

GROW Month

GROW Month is less than a week away and there is still time for you to prepare! There are many ways retailers can participate this year and it’s never too late to begin. From handing out samples to promotional materials or revitalizing your GROW banana display, increasing the awareness of GROW will not only help your store’s sales, but also send a positive message to your customers. 

GROW by Organics Unlimited is a wonderful cause, and with your support you can join the many who are helping those in need throughout the banana growing regions of Mexico and Ecuador. One of the great benefits of GROW is their support of Project Amigo. Funding non-profit organizations like Project Amigo can make simple things that we take for granted change the life of others in a truly impactful way.

This year’s GROW Month will seek out retailer involvement in two separate contests. To help your customers better understand GROW, a display contest and a recipe/demonstration contest will be hosted by Organics Unlimited throughout GROW Month. Each contest will look for creativity and more to help promote GROW beyond placing a poster on the wall.

September isn’t just about increasing sales, it’s about spreading consumer awareness to those who are unfamiliar with the fantastic opportunities GROW gives to underdeveloped countries. Your support, and the support of your customers will help fund projects such as dental and vision clinics, educational centers, provide students with scholarships, and much more!

Organics Unlimited has point-of-purchase materials, promotional items, and much more to help you kick-off GROW Month right!

If you’d like to be involved and to learn more about GROW and Organics Unlimited, visit,, or call (619) 710-0658.

Be sure to follow Organics Unlimited on Facebook and Twitter as well as GROW on Facebook and Twitter!

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