GROW: Letters from Ecuador Tutors and Children

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With your support of GROW, we are able to continue funding educational programs in Mexico and Ecuador to help families and workers gain better opportunities. GROW supports to Children International who has created a tutoring program in Guayaquil, Ecuador and has delivered a few heartwarming letters from the tutors and children. 

“I am in the tutoring program because I have always liked to learn and I wanted to know what it was about. I got registered to have a new experience in teaching children. It was fantastic from the moment that I started. At first it was kind of difficult because I was a timid youth but I made it. I have met lots of friends and each day I learn something new. I thank the Tutoring Program! I hope that in this new year there will be more youth participating in the program in order to be able to help more boys and girls.” – Xavier Fernando Menoscal Toala, Volunteer Tutor

“I like the tutoring program because I interact with children and they learn from me and I learn from them. I have learned a lot, such as to organize dynamics and value even the small things in life. I like to see the children move on thanks to the help they receive from the program. Many of the parents don’t have the necessary knowledge to help their kids. I also hope more youth are involved in this great program. I want to become a good example to the kids so when they grow up they can help in the same way we are doing now and remember us. I hope I leave memories in them. I LOVE TUTORING.” – Andrea Alexandra Tóala Pin, Volunteer Tutor

“I am participating in the tutoring program because I want to overcome my fear of speaking in public. I also want to contribute with my ideas to the children. I want to have friends and give my support to those children that need it. The experience that I obtained has been very helpful because I have learned dynamics and strengthened my values.” – Jordy Edinson Vega Vásquez, Volunteer Tutor

“Hello. I am a child in 3rd grade and I participate in the tutoring program because I like to learn things that I do not understand. I also like the games and, with them, I have learned a lot such as multiplication and division. I hope the tutoring program continues. If the tutoring program ends, I will be sad because I do not have anybody that can help me at home.” – Luis S.

“Hello. I am in the 6th grade and I participate in the tutoring program because I like to learn new things and meet new friends. My parents are happy because the tutors teach me well so my parents give me the time that I need to attend to the sessions.“ – Anthony M.

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