GROW Gives Back to the Environment

CIMG1887September is here, and one of the reasons this is one of our favorite months is because during September we celebrate #GROWmonth! GROW month lets us share our mission of social responsibility and sustainability with consumers around the U.S. When a consumer buys an organic GROW banana, that person is actively helping communities improve access and quality to health care, education, housing and more. Not only is that purchase of an organic banana helping people; it is also helping the environment.

One of Organics Unlimited’s goals is to not only preserve the environment but also better the ecosystem to continue to fulfill the needs of our future generations. To that end, GROW by Organics Unlimited has earmarked funds that go towards sustainability efforts including disaster relief and the Environmental Health Coalition.

After devastating storms in 2015, GROW realized that in order to react quickly and effectively to such catastrophes was by having funds earmarked to help in multiple stages of disaster relief in the GROW banana growing areas of Mexico and Ecuador. Because of these funds, both immediate response – providing food, water and medical treatment quickly after a catastrophe – and long-term help, such as rebuilding schools and homes is now possible.

GROW by Organics Unlimited also made the commitment to help the environment by providing a grant in 2016 to the Environmental Health Coalition (EHC). The EHC is a nonprofit, community-based organization dedicated to improving health and protecting the environment in communities in the San Diego/Tijuana region, home to Organics Unlimited’s headquarters. This donation is the first from the GROW Fund and it marks the beginning of an ongoing partnership between GROW and the Environmental Health Coalition.

At GROW by Organics Unlimited we know that sustainability is the fruit of healthy communities. This sustainability can only come with a deep commitment to care for, nurture and respect the environment.

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