GROW Funding in Ecuador

GROW By Organics Unlimited Funding in Ecuador

Ecuador is a very under-developed country, and it is also a country that lacks good non-profit structure to help the people. At GROW, we have had our challenges to find the places where we can provide the most benefit to workers and their families. The following program has received GROW funding as a way of expanding leadership and self reliance among some of the poor but motivated population in Guayaquil, the largest city closest to the banana growing region.

Foro de la Juventud Guayaquil has principle objectives of the promotion of leadership, participation and social responsibility among the youth of Guayaquil. The desire is to create thoughtful, democratic citizens who will be the architects of a new Ecuador. The Foro accomplishes this by promoting and strengthening youth organizations, creating alternative sources of work on productive projects, and developing programs to educate youth on civic issues and promote social, creative and character development.

The concept of the leadership and microfinance program is very beneficial to participants. Foro works with students for a year offering workshops in business development, communication, professionalism and leadership. Students learn how to write a business plan, market a business, the process of record keeping, public speaking and managing others.

Businesses that emerge from this program include things such as tailoring, screen printing and souvenir businesses. This group has been previously funded by the World Bank and USAID, and the Inter-American Development Bank. There has been an increasing need for funding to be able to work with interested students.

Through the International Community Foundation, GROW is currently researching other non-profit organizations to support in the growing areas of Ecuador. More funds will be directed toward health and education in these areas in 2013.

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