GROW Funded Dental Care

GROW has established a recurrent dental care and hygiene program in the rural areas of Mexico, designed to improve the health of field workers and their families. The GROW fund sponsors a dentist who visits the communities in the state of Colima, examining the teeth of people in the area who have not had access to adequate dental care. 
Using a portable dental unit, the dentist carries out treatments in the GROW center, a facility that was built by and for the GROW scholarship recipients to provide a home for their educational programs. GROW scholarship recipients also provide manpower to the clinics to allow workers to get information on dental hygiene and free toothbrushes. In the past year, GROW has given away 440 new toothbrushes, hygiene instructions, exams and fluoride treatments! Dental problems that are found in the exams are then treated as needed, a total of 67 dental problems in the recent clinics.
Through the GROW foundation, we’re able to fund multiple programs that give back to the community, helping to provide a better quality of life for the field workers and their families.

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