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After having worked with Organics Unlimited on their marketing almost since the company started, and certainly since the beginning of the GROW program, I recently had the opportunity to spend three weeks in Mexico with Project Amigo. Project Amigo is a non-profit organization in Mexico that works closely with families in the rural areas of Colima. As an organization that embodies many of the values on which GROW was founded, they are the biggest recipient of funds to date. Their programs offer an education for many children who cannot afford to go beyond elementary school. Some of these chidlren have become lawyers, civic leaders and teachers, all understanding the value of using what they have learned to better their own communities.

Among the experiences I had in the time I was in Mexico was a visit to the Centro Educativo in Cerro de Ortega. This brightly painted facility is a second home for some of these children. It’s where they get the home work help, and many after school programs, that help them to achieve in school. And starting at middle school level, they also participate in community programs and events that allow them to become leaders at a very young age. This facility is used for education, but it also is used for vision screenings, dental hygiene education, and sometimes small fiestas.

As one young boy read to me about a child who was experiencing snow in the winter, we talked about his seeing snow on the top of a nearby volcano, although he had never seen it up close or felt snow himself.

These children are bright, beautiful, warm and loving. And to think that all it takes is buying GROW bananas to make their future brighter! GROW bananas are available in many natural foods stores, and you can also donate online.

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  1. Ricardo L says:

    Good story, even reads well here in Brazil ! R Loretta

  2. OsterGreen says:

    Probably places in Brazil that could use a similar program!

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