GROW: Ecuador Early Childhood Education Project – AFLATOT Program

GROW Ecuador Early Childhood Education Project Update 16

The Early Childhood Education Program, “Semillas” (Seeds), has been able to continue its incredible development because you choose GROW bananas.  Now in its second stage, the program has been enhanced with the social and financial education program Aflatot to meet Children International institutional objectives. The program now dovetails with sister programs offered in Ecuador for older children: Aflatoun (for children ages 6-11) and Aflateen (for youth ages 12-19). Learn how your support of GROW contributes to these efforts after the break.

The Aflatot program, for children ages 3-5, promotes the development of basic and general knowledge about values and skills that are important for children to develop as individuals. The Aflatot program seeks to empower children to believe in themselves, to understand and explore their rights and responsibilities and to get to know basic money concepts and resources.

They have hired a professional educator with broad experience in working with children and communities to develop this strategy in the field full-time. This phase is being implemented in five of the Service Area Centers, which are located in the communities.

From the 85 people who have shown interest in becoming volunteer educators, 41 were selected and trained. Volunteers received training on principles of social and financial education for children and in the preparation of didactic materials to be used in the sessions.

The Guayaquil, Ecuador staff purchased supplies such as foam, markers, glue, and cardboard. with which the volunteer educators made didactic materials to help keep the attention of the children that are attending the Early Childhood Education Program sessions.

Among the didactic resources created for the rooms where the sessions are held are:

  • An Attendance Corner: This will be useful to register the daily attendance of the children and to help the children bond with each other
  • A Time Corner: This resource will help the children observe the weather of the day (cloudy, rainy or sunny)
  • A Play Corner: A place for educational recreation – to combine learning with games
  • A Reading Corner: Where the children will be able to develop their language skills, imagination, and learn healthy interaction between girls and boys
  • Puppets: These are very useful tools for the reading workshops as they help the children develop reading comprehension abilities

The Early Childhood Education program includes three 2-hour sessions per week for each child. Children are divided into groups of 10-12 participants. The sessions are held in the Service Area Centers. To accommodate the number of participants, morning and afternoon sessions are held.

At this time, there are 304 children enrolled in the program (138 girls and 166 boys) including sponsored children and non-sponsored children from the communities we serve.

This is one of the programs that receives GROW funding based on the purchase of GROW bananas in the U.S. markets. At Organics Unlimited we appreciate your support.

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