GROW by Organics Unlimited Launches Banana Sales in Japan


Organics Unlimited, a San Diego-based grower and importer of organic fruit, is pleased to announce it will start selling organic bananas in Japan that support its social responsibility-focused GROW program. This is a result of the Asian country beginning to adopt the consumer trend that has been on the rise on the U.S. Through its GROW fund, Organics Unlimited donates a percentage of every organic banana sale to the communities in rural Mexico and Ecuador where the fruit is grown. These organic bananas will be sold and marketed under the BioFruit label in Japan.

Although Organics Unlimited organic bananas were already available in Japan, this is the first time it will sell bananas that fund and support the GROW by Organics Unlimited label to this market. While organic produce has been popular in Japan for a while, until recently, social responsibility had not been an important subject on many consumers’ minds. This is starting to change, and last month representatives from Japanese distributors toured Organics Unlimited farms in Mexico and its distribution center in San Diego. These distributors also visited the International Communities Foundation (ICF), which administers GROW funds.

“We are an international company, with organic farms in two countries and distribution to multiple continents,” said Mayra Velazquez de León, president of Organics Unlimited. “Some of my favorite moments are when social responsibility trends take root in new communities, flourish and create positive change.”

The visit signals a rise in demand for produce grown not only sustainably but in a socially-responsible way. Organics Unlimited emphasizes organic cultivating and harvesting in a way which preserves and protects the environment while utilizing procedures with the lowest carbon footprint. When the GROW program started in 2005, approximately two pallets of organic bananas in support of the program were sold per week. Currently, weekly volumes have risen to around 20 loads of 30 pallets each.


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